28 January 2014

Lately.. #3

On Sunday my plans fell through and, as it was a grim day, I decided to do some baking instead. I made mint choc chip cupcakes with mint aero bubbles, but they definitely taste better with ice cream than alone!

On Sunday afternoon Simon and I watched The Incredibles. What better way to while away a rainy afternoon?

I've been enjoying using my new bag from Urban Outfitters. It was an impulse purchase a week ago with some left over Christmas money. My old go-to bag is falling to bits so I have no regrets about picking this one up!

I spied this nail polish when I was out with my friend Katie on Saturday and I love it. It's called Little Bo Peep by Rimmel and I think it looks very understated but elegant too. I don't usually go for neutral nail colours so it's a bit of a novelty for me.

What have you been up to lately?


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