19 September 2013


These photos are from the weekend when I was on my way to meet up with a friend. I loved getting my favourite scarf back out and I can't wait for my road to be covered in crunchy leaves (despite the trip hazard on rainy days!). I bought a new jacket from H&M, but I think I'll be returning it as I think it's too thin for what I want. I'm going to Paris in December so I want something that'll keep me as warm as possible. 
Below are a couple of photos taken around my new flat. I got the internet on Monday so I've been enjoying curling up on the sofa and enjoying Netflix!

10 September 2013


My old bedroom at my mum's house used to have a dodgy collage across an entire wall, a wrought iron day bed from Ikea and clutter absolutely everywhere, so I think she was quite pleased when she got the chance redecorate after I moved out a year ago.
I've just moved into a new flat with Simon (exciting!), but just before I had to move back home for two weeks because the new lease didn't overlap with the old flat. It was a crazy couple of weeks and it was really lovely to be able to relax in my old room come bed time. My mum decided to decorate it with a sea theme in mind and when I was sent these beautiful John Lewis cushion covers, I knew this room would make a perfect temporary home for them. They look great with all the beachy accessories and definitely make the feel room cosier.
I've done most of the unpacking in my new flat, I just have a few bits and pieces in the bedroom to tackle (it currently looks a bit like a bomb exploded in there), so now I'm just settling in and getting used to everything. I'll hopefully post some photos when it's looking a bit more homely.
On another note, I'm so excited autumn in finally here! It's my favourite season hands down and I've already bought a thick scarf to snuggle up in. Anyone else happy about autumn or is it just me?!

3 September 2013

Homeware Hauling

I'm moving into my new flat on Sunday and I'm getting pretty excited now. I had to move back to my mum's for two weeks as my old flat and the new flat didn't overlap, so it's been a bit of a faff. In the meantime I've been gathering homeware bits together so I can make the flat homely as soon as I move in. I haven't had the best week so far, so it's been nice to keep busy.
I picked up the retro style glasses on Sunday at an independent shop in Chichester called Taste, they were pricey at £4.50 each but Simon and I both really like them (rare for us!). On Saturday we ventured to Ikea where Simon developed a real soft spot for the black and white cushion which quickly made its way into our trolley. The white throw is also from Ikea, probably not the most sensible of colours but I love it. I'll just eat my chocolate when I'm on the other side of the room.
The yellow cushion and the kitchen storage tins are from Next, their homeware is gorgeous. I actually have a yellow purse and when I went to pay for these the shop assistant clearly thought I was crazy about yellow!
The chair and stool in the last photo were taken from a skip! Originally I wanted to paint them grey and yellow (my inner yellow obsessive coming out again apparently!), but I ended up buying duck egg blue and candy pink from the Dulux made by me range. I really like how they've turned out - we'll be using them as temporary bedside tables.
I've got a few other bits but they're all packed up now and ready to go. I can't wait to just move in now!
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