27 May 2013


Sunny weather combined with the bank holiday weekend definitely made it the perfect time to go for a picnic! On Sunday, Simon and I chose Hyde Park for our feast and lazed about in the warm weather for hours. It was really pretty by the Serpentine and I even managed to catch a little tan!
Today we wandered around London and I tried to calm my skirt from the crazy wind... Note to self: do not wear flippy skirts on breezy days!
How did you spend your bank holiday weekend?

15 May 2013

Zara Roll Top Bag

After I watched Warhorse with my mum on Saturday, I spied this bag in Zara and was thrilled when I saw the price tag stated a reasonable £19.99. However, my mum talked some sense into me, so I put it back down and left the shop. She did have a point, I'm still waiting for a satchel to arrive after I took advantage of the Zatchels flash sale (please hurry up!).
The problem with London is that there are shops everywhere.... So when we coincidentally (honest!) came across another Zara I thought I'd have a quick look to see if they had the bag. As fate would have it, they did, so I dashed to the till and it was mine!
It fastens magnetically and I though it was pretty unlike anything else I've seen around at the moment. It's not enormous either which is a bonus because I have a habit of filling bags up until my shoulder aches.
When I bought it, the stores only had it in tan and black, but looking on the website now they seem to have a few other colours too. I'm pleased with the tan version though, and I reckon I'll get a lot of use out of it over the next few months!

13 May 2013


Sometimes my friends ask me whether Simon is bothered about featuring so heavily on my blog. Well, on Sunday whilst walking the dog with my mum, Simon shouted to me 'Quick! take loads of photos of me running down this hill, then you can make a gif!' I think it's quite safe to assume that he's probably quite fond of having his photo taken...!

Despite all the sunshine lately, I seem to take all my photos on grey days. Boo, I'll have to sort that out.
Simon found a potential first home for us (shame about the holes in the walls and ceiling) and we all got drenched in the rain. But it was all worth it in the end when we went back to my mum's for roast lamb.
On Saturday I took my mum to see Warhorse in London. It was amazing and I'd definitely recommend going to watch it if you've been considering it.

P.S. Beware of challenging a springer spaniel to a race - you'll probably lose.

9 May 2013

Hidden Away

On Sunday I said I'd take a few photos of my sister Abby, her husband Ian and baby Vince, and when I woke up it was a gorgeous spring day so I put on a new dress I'd bought from Forever 21. Unfortunately, when I got to Abby's the sun had completely disappeared behind grey clouds and I felt like a bit of an idiot in said dress!
We went to a place called Waggoners Wells to take the photos which was actually really pretty. Ian cooked a lovely Vietnamese-style lunch for us back at their place, and I'm always amazed to see how quickly my nephew is growing. At this rate, he'll be cooking us lunch next time...!

7 May 2013

Lazy Bank Holiday

The sunshine on Bank Holiday Monday was bliss, it was so nice to find a quiet corner of the park to just relax and be silly in (I think Simon is attempting to pout in that photo). I braved having bare legs for the first time this year and I wasn't even the slightest bit cold. Success!
Getting back to work today was a little bit of an anticlimax, but at least it's only a four day week!
Did you enjoy the long weekend?

1 May 2013

Dresser DIY

My mum's been doing up her dresser and I thought I'd show a few pictures of how well it's turned out! When she first got the dresser she kept it the original wood colour and displayed willow pattern plates on it, but recently she decided to paint it white and change up the china.
She picked up an assortment of vintage plates and teacups from car boot sales, eBay and charity shops, and decorated with fake flowers from my sister's wedding last year. The glass jar is also left over from the wedding, Abby had loads of jars filled with flowers and paper windmills during the reception and this is the sole jar I salvaged before putting them all into the recycling bins!
Unfortunately the hallway of my mum's victorian house doesn't have the best lighting so these photos don't really do the dresser enough justice, but I think it looks really beautiful!
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