25 October 2013


Bath is somewhere I've been meaning to go back to for a long time and Simon was pretty keen too, so last week we took a couple of days off work and caught a train. Despite the train conductor threatening to charge us £50million for forgetting to sign our railcards (fortunately he was just trying to teach us a lesson!), the journey was really scenic and went relatively quickly. The train station is right next the city so it was really easy to find our way around.
We only stayed for one night, but we quickly learned that we had more than enough time to take in the area. Of course we popped in to see the Roman baths and we wandered to the Royal Crescent. We mostly ate though!
I really enjoyed breakfast at The Cosy Club, it rained like crazy on that morning so it felt really relaxing to hide from the miserable weather with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. I also got childishly excited about the pink lemonade and vanilla ice cream floats in Bills – I had never even had a coke float before so it was a revelation for me! Now I'm back home, the freezer has been stocked with ice cream for regular homemade versions. 
Luckily for us, the rain didn't hang around for too long and we could get back to playing tourists. We went midweek so I expected low crowds, but I couldn't really believe how few people were around compared to my usual shopping trips in London! Urban outfitters in Bath is huge, yet it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves. 
Bath is one of the most beautiful cities I've been to and everyone I encountered seemed to be so friendly. It was the perfect mini-break – although it did feel amazing to get back into my own bed when I got home!

13 October 2013

Classic Car Boot Sale

I went to the Vintage Festival at Goodwood a few years ago, so occasionally I receive emails about upcoming Vintage events in my inbox and on Friday night I got one about about the Classic Car Boot Sale on Saturday. I didn't have any plans so I dragged Simon along with me to South Bank where it was held. By the time we got there the queue to get in was disappointingly long, but it moved surprisingly quickly. After paying £3 each for entry, and gaining vintage car stamps on our wrists, we could wander in. It was crazy busy, but all in all it was a really lovely event. There were some really cool bits and pieces for sale, not to mention all the beautiful vintage cars on show. I didn't actually buy anything in the end, so my purse could breathe a big sigh of relief!
I have a couple of days off this week and I'm going to Bath, does anyone have any recommendations of things to do? I'm really looking forward to it, I haven't been since I was teeny tiny.

7 October 2013


I had such a lovely weekend! On Saturday I saw my sister, her husband and my baby nephew for lunch, and later on Simon and I walked to Greenwich. I'd never been before, but I've heard a lot about it so I was keen to see what all the fuss was about. We wandered around the park first and chuckled at all the tourists having their photo taken next to this clock. Next, we checked out the high street and Cutty Sark (which was too big to take a photo of!). Simon realised it was about two whole hours since he last ate something, so we picked up a quick snack from M&S and just people watched for a little while. The clouds looked menacing but fortunately we managed to avoid any downpours and made it back home with a packet of jelly babies and a packet of wine gums. Our Saturday nights are just wild.
Have you been to Greenwich?

3 October 2013

Park Life

I'm so happy it's properly autumn now! I took these photos at the weekend in the park, I've just been a bit slow to upload them. There were so many conkers in the grass and the trees were looking so pretty. And of course, when in the park you need to make good use of the play equipment....

Mind you, I have a feeling these structures were created with adults in mind. I don't have the best balancing skills, so it took me a bit of persuading to even set foot on those yellow things.
I'm getting a little bit prematurely excited about Christmas this year. I think it's because I can properly decorate my flat this year and I'm quite eager to get crafty.
Yesterday I might have sneakily ordered Love Actually in anticipation. Shhh.
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