29 October 2012

A Disney Kind of Birthday

I’ve been a bit busy so I haven’t really had a chance to update my blog over the last week or so. I had a week off work last week which was so nice, Simon and I spent some time with our families and really enjoyed just being a bit lazy! It was my birthday yesterday and I’m now 23 which I think sounds pretty damn old. Sigh. Being treated to a Sunday roast and lots of lovely presents certainly made up for it though.
I actually got my very first birthday present a week ago. Simon had bought me tickets to go and see Disney’s Fantasia Live in Concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I had absolutely no idea until he gave me the tickets on the day, and I was so chuffed and surprised. I’m a bit of a Disney geek so it was the perfect present.
Before the performance we wandered around Harrods which is now feeling alarmingly Christmassy! We had probably spent far too long looking at toys when we decided we were too hungry to carry on so we headed to Nandos for some dinner.
The performance was amazing, the London Philharmonic Orchestra were just incredible and the music was so perfectly timed that I almost forgot they were there at some points. Almost! It was only on for one day, but if it makes a return I would fully recommend going to see it.

Sorry for the terrible photo quality, they're all phone snaps. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to invest in a Canon SLR soon eeek. Have you been to see any good shows recently?

17 October 2012

Review | Barry M Diamond Glitter

Barry M Nail Paint in Diamond Glitter | H&M Nail Polish in Temptress

I picked up this Barry M nail polish the other day and I just think it's so pretty! The pictures don't really do it enough justice because it really is very sparkly in real life. Some of the glitter chunks are quite large and catch the light really well. It looks really lovely over this pastel colour. 
I think I'll be putting it over red on the count down to Christmas to get into the festive spirit of things!

15 October 2012

We're going on a bear hunt

My mum made this out of three plant pots, isn't she thrifty?!

Last weekend I stayed at my mum's for the first time since I moved back out in September, and it was really lovely to indulge in some home comforts. My mum is a fab cook so Simon and I were lucky enough to have an amazing fish pie and, of course, the obligatory Sunday roast! We walked the dog in the countryside and finally got our hands on a Cadbury’s Toffee Popcorn bar (Simon has been dying to try it ever since it appeared on a billboard on his road). Spoiler alert – it’s not as good as it looks. I was quickly wishing we picked up the Golden Biscuit Crunch version instead! Has anyone else tried it?

9 October 2012

The Pearly Kings and Queens Festival

I mentioned before that Simon and I want to try and do one thing a week from Time Out magazine, and a couple of weekends ago we went along to the Pearly Kings and Queens Festival. It was a really nice event, but we didn't hang around too long because the crowds were enormous and we couldn't really see an awful lot!
Sadly our Time Out mission seems to have been put on hold for the time being as both Simon and I are heading out of London every weekend this month, and week nights always seem to prove a bit tricky. Hopefully November will prove more successful – I can't wait for all the Christmas lights to go up!

8 October 2012

Sunny Suffolk

Here are a few pictures from my fleeting visit to Suffolk over the weekend. The sun was shining so Simon and I put on our coats for a quick trip to the seaside, something I definitely miss when I'm in London. On the way we stopped off at a little second-hand bookshop called Treasure Chest Books which is chock-a-block full of books and a bit like a maze inside. I came away empty handed this time, but I’m sure I’ll visit it again when we go back to Suffolk over half term week.
It was a perfect day for a walk along the beach and it was warm enough that we even indulged in some ice creams. It was lovely to be thoroughly spoilt by Simon's family – I can never get enough of home cooked food! The journey back to London jolted us back into reality though, railway works meant we had to settle for Upper Crusts and crisps for dinner!
What did everyone else get up to at the weekend?

2 October 2012

September – My favourite bits

I’m going to try and make this a regular feature of my blog, but I have a feeling that not every month is going to be as busy as September has been. I’ll pick five of my favourite things every month, but I won’t stick to one category exclusively, it could be absolutely anything. Ohhh the possibilities!
So, without further ado, here are my favourite bits of September!
Having the chance to fly to Boston first class was absolutely amazing. It’s such a cool place and now I’m desperate to make a return trip to the US. A massive thank you to Tasha who made this trip possible!
I really like to make the most of living in London and I often looked at the Time Out website for inspiration, but for some reason it’s not the easiest site to navigate and I usually lose patience with scrolling through endless lists of events. The magazine makes much more relaxing reading and, as of last week, it's now free!
Simon can pick it up on the way to work on Tuesdays which is perfect. We’ve decided that we’re going to try and do one thing a week from Time Out, so last weekend we went to the Pearly Kings and Queens Harvest Festival (more about that later). We’re actually going back to Simon’s hometown this weekend so we won’t be able to do anything in London, but fingers crossed for the following week!
This has been about for a while and I honestly have no idea why I haven’t tried it before! I have a real sweet tooth and I wish I could drink this all the time. Bliss.
I’ve already written a post about this cream which you can find here. It’s just amazing, I’m so happy I’ve found a product for my very dry skin – especially now there's a definite chill in the air!

I’m a bit slow to jump on the glittery nail varnish bandwagon, but I couldn’t resist this Topshop shade. Never has looking at my nails made me so happy. Chuffed.com. Excuse my shoddy nail painting skills, I seem to have the ability of getting it everywhere! You can find it here.

What was your favourite bit of September?

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