24 August 2012

Bus tour, Hyde Park and lots of sun

Last weekend I went on an open top bus!

Usually the tickets for an open top bus tour in London are pretty pricey, but Simon’s parents had bought a pair at about 3pm on Friday and they are valid for a full 24 hours. They very kindly passed them on to us before they headed home to Suffolk, and Simon and I jumped on a bus tour from Tower Bridge on Saturday Morning.
The tour was so much better than we both expected and it really does make a difference to see everything from up high.
It was absolutely baking all weekend, so I spent most of it melting, complaining about melting and filling up my drinks with ice.
On Sunday we went to the V&A to see the ballgown exhibition and went to Hyde Park.
I also got a brand new oyster card as I lost (accidently threw away, oops) my old one and I’ve sneakily been using my mum’s in the mean time. I’ve managed to get myself a limited edition jubilee/Olympics version that will be sure to make me look like a tourist FOREVER. 
But it does seem to have a flying cake on it for no apparent reason, so maybe I'll forgive it.

7 August 2012

Soaking up London 2012

This weekend I decided to brave the Olympics mania and venture into London to stay at Simons new flat.
Simon has been designing and screen-printing some t-shirts for New Balance and The Cottage Project in the Millbank Tower, and when I arrived he had to take some quick photos to update his website and blog. It was really lovely to be able to see what he’s been up to while I’ve been in Chichester, and the views are absolutely AMAZING. Photos simply don’t do them enough justice.

After Simon had finished with the camera, we headed away from Pimlico and to the South Bank. Big mistake. HUGE. As you can probably imagine, it was absolutely heaving with tourists who were in London for the games. Somehow we managed to squeeze our way through until we made it to the Tate Modern.
We wanted to see the Tania Bruguera installation, but we chickened out like the wusses we are when we saw all those people heading towards us! So we sought refuge in the gift shop.
On Sunday I wanted to go to River Island so I could search for some jeans I have my eye on and we were absolutely stunned the lack of people both on the tube and on Oxford Street. River Island was pretty much dead, and Urban Outfitters wasn’t a lot busier. Sadly, my jeans were nowhere to be found, I'll have to keep on looking!
On the up side, Vitamin Water were giving away free bottles of drinks and pretend gold medals, so I was pretty chuffed to pick up a freebie instead.

Next we headed to the V&A to see the British Design exhibition before it ends in week. It was really good, although I definitely found some decades a lot more interesting than others.
After a loooong walk around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, and a quick stop in the Olympics souvenir shop (SO much merchandise), we made out way back home. 

Simon’s room was a pigsty as he has only just moved in, so I pretended to help him move furniture around for a bit before getting some food.
I was so gutted to come back home yesterday morning and I can't wait to be moving back into zone 6 at the end of this month!

And of course, go Team GB!

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