27 December 2012

Eating My Way Into 2013


Here are a quick few snaps of Christmas from my spangly new camera. I think it's safe to say I was spoilt rotten this year and I'm so so grateful for such a lovely day and all the gorgeous presents I received. On Christmas day I ate absurd amounts of delicious food and my body was probably quite relieved when I went out with my mum to walk the dog!
On Boxing Day I made a quick visit to the sales in town and picked up the two blouses above (although the spotty one wasn't actually in the sale, typical me!) I was later treated to another roast with my family and yet again ate far too much! My big sister is now eight months pregnant, so it's exciting to find out how she's getting along.
I'm now looking forward to seeing in the New Year with Simon, I set off for his family home tomorrow morning.
I hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas and wishing you all a Happy New Year!

24 December 2012

Merry Christmas Eve!

icing copy

Today I had to work, but I still got into the Christmas spirit by munching my way through mince pies and other treats. I'm going for drinks tonight with some friends and I'm really looking forward to tomorrow (although I don't think I'll be able to persuade Jack to wear his antlers for the whole day!)

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!

22 December 2012

On the Dunes


During the summer months East Head is the perfect sandy beach, but at the moment, with no sunbathers in sight, it is absolute heaven for an especially hyper springer spaniel. It was a pretty gloomy day on Thursday when I went along with my mum, but Jack couldn't care less and he very quickly became the soggiest (and happiest) dog in the world.


Only three days to go now, are you ready for Christmas? I think I finally might be!

16 December 2012

I Love You Deer


Today Simon and I ventured to Bushy Park to go for a stroll and look for some deer (see what I did in the title?! Groan). When we first arrived we couldn't spot any deer anywhere and I was a bit concerned we wouldn't find any – Simon had never seen any in the wild before so we made it our mission to hunt them down. After walking around for a bit we realised there were loads of them right under our noses! They blend in with the grass so well, to the point that it was a bit tricky to take photos of them. 
It was a gorgeous day, but as I'm writing this I can hear rain splattering on my windows so I think we escaped some seriously miserable weather!
I'm feeling slightly smug now in that I've done all of my Christmas shopping and I'm looking forward to going to my mum's house next week where I'll probably be doing a lot of baking, eating and watching Christmas television. What do you look forward to the most over Christmas?

10 December 2012

Raise Up Cups of Christmas Cheer

hot choc
presents copy

My blog seems to have gone a bit Christmas crazy lately! Maybe I should try to calm my festive excitement for my next post.
Tonight I've had a relaxed evening drinking hot chocolate, watching Love Actually and wrapping up presents. I picked up this wrapping paper in Muji and made my own tags by gluing it onto a cereal box. I just cut the card into shape and made them fit for purpose with a hole punch. The red and white string was absolute an bargain on eBay – it was £1.65 AND it was buy one get one free. I can't wait to put these under the tree at my mum's in a couple of weeks!    

2 December 2012

It's beginning...

Simon and I thought we'd at least pretend to be organised this year and make a head start on our Christmas shopping, so we ventured to Westfields shopping centre in Stratford. I'm probably stating the obvious, but there are SO many shops there! The first shop we went to was Primark which, in hindsight, was probably a bit of a mistake as I only bought things for myself. Oops. After that small blip I did manage to get the hang of the Christmas shopping thing and only bought gifts for my family rather than myself!

On saturday we braved the crowds and went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It was absolutely rammed, but we persevered, ate a bratwurst and enjoyed watching the ice skating.
I was so so so cold that afterwards we dashed to New Look so I could buy the biggest (and warmest) ear muffs in the world. I'm annoyed that I forgot to get a picture of them, I'll try and get one for another post.

Today we went to Covent Garden and somehow ended up at South Bank. The Christmas market here was definitely much more relaxed than the one at Winter Wonderland!

I'm pretty shocked at how much Christmas we've managed to squeeze in this weekend, I think it's safe to say we won't be watching a festive film tonight! It's been lovely though and has been a relief to get most of my Christmas shopping out the way.
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