23 June 2013


This morning I woke up with no idea what I wanted to do today. After a bit of googling, Simon stumbled across Colombia Road Market, so we decided to go and explore. It was swarming with people, and at one point we hit gridlock while a couple of tourists tried to orchestrate a photo session, but it was amazing to see so many flowers. There were some really reasonable prices too. It was funny watching burly men shouting about roses no differently to how butchers at the market shout about pork chops. Sadly, we couldn't get any as Simon is off to Glastonbury on Tuesday (no, I'm NOT jealous at all) so it would have been a bit of a waste. Just as we were heading out, we saw Russell Brand doing his shopping!
I had to settle for phone snaps as I'd forgotten to bring my SLR. (I say forgotten, but I mean I was too lazy to carry it!)

Simon's sharp eye spotted this street art down a side street before we ended up in Costa. Simon, ever the adventurous, went for original lemonade and I chose peach lemonade. I can recommend both, very tasty!

17 June 2013


My car was due an MOT, so at the weekend Simon and I drove down to my mum's to take it to my regular garage. Thankfully, it passed the test and I could enjoy the weekend without any bother. 
After a bit of a boozy Saturday night catching up with friends, on Sunday we ventured to Sussex Day at the Weald and Downland Museum. We enjoyed big scoops of ice cream, looked round some very old houses and even stroked a couple of ginger piglets. It turns out that they're not soft and cuddly, but rather wirey and solid!
Of course, the sun only came out once we'd left the museum... typical!
Did you enjoy the weekend?

11 June 2013

Mom Jeans

I know I'm not alone in feeling slightly dubious when I heard about 'mom' jeans, but after trying on four pairs of different style jeans in Topshop on Saturday (does anyone actually enjoy jeans shopping?!), I decided to embrace the trend. I bought the Topshop Joni jeans in Indigo a few months ago, and although I love the fit, I'm disappointed in how quickly they lose their stretch. Another problem with them is that they have white stitching which leave a prominent white stripe down the sides of my legs when I wear them. A bit like tracksuit bottoms. Just so you know, colouring in said stitching with a black sharpie doesn't do a lot either. Hmph.
Fortunately, the Mom jeans are made from a much thicker denim and feel like much better quality than the Joni jeans. I really love high waisted jeans (any worries about the dreaded builders bum when sitting down disappear with these jeans!) and I also really like the colour of this pair. They feel a lot more summer appropriate!
I would say that they are true to size, I'm usually somewhere between a size 8 and 10 in jeans, and I picked up a size 10. They do have a little give, and after a couple of wears they do feel a little bit more roomy, but they aren't meant to have a super skinny fit anyway. I'm looking forward to styling these in different ways over the summer.
What do you think of the mom jeans trend?

6 June 2013

Zatchels Pastel Range - Baby Blue

I got pretty excited when I saw the Zatchels birthday 50% off flash sale in April and it really didn't take me long to make an order. I probably spent at least half an hour debating which colour to go for (Simon spent most of that trying to convince me to buy yellow! I wasn't convinced) before I eventually settled on baby blue. Although I've been eyeing up leather satchels for a few months now, it's always seemed like a lot of money to spend on another bag (I have quite a collection), but I definitely couldn't resist such a huge reduction. Even my mum got sucked in and ordered a navy blue saddle bag.
Fast forward five and a half weeks after I made my impulse purchase, and I finally received my 13inch baby blue satchel. I'm so pleased with the size of it, I can fit all my essentials plus my iPad inside, and I really love the colour. It's a bit tricky to get into with the buckles, but that really is a bonus when trying to ward off pick-pockets in London. I'm looking forward to making it look a bit more loved, it's a little bit stiff at the moment!
Although I can't fault the quality of my satchel (especially for the price), sadly I didn't have a positive experience with the customer services of Zatchels. Initially they were helpful when I wanted to make a slight change to my order, but I then didn't hear anything else for over a month. I completely understand that they received an overwhelming response to the flash sale, but I would have appreciated a little bit of communication about my order, even if it was just a generic email.
Customer services issues aside, I'm really pleased with my bag and I'm planning to get a lot of use out of it!

1 June 2013


My sister used to live in Borough while I was in my second year at uni and we used to go into Borough Market quite a lot. It has a really feel good atmosphere and there are different smells and colours crammed into every stall.
Today I went with Simon because he hasn't been for years and we had such a good time eyeing up everything on offer before settling on a salted beef bagel for lunch. I've never tried salted beef before and I feel like I might need to make up for lost time now!
After lunch we met up with a uni friend and ate enormous slices of cake – carrot cake for Simon, red velvet for Rachel and me. It's so easy to slowly lose touch with people after graduation so it was lovely to catch up.
At some point Simon decided that he just HAD to try the raclette (potatoes and pickles smothered in melted cheese) so he managed to scoff a plate of that too. Of course I had to try a little bit for blogging purposes (by a little bit, I mean most of the cheese!) and I can confirm that it was very tasty. The things I do to help...!
Have you been to Borough Market?
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