17 June 2013


My car was due an MOT, so at the weekend Simon and I drove down to my mum's to take it to my regular garage. Thankfully, it passed the test and I could enjoy the weekend without any bother. 
After a bit of a boozy Saturday night catching up with friends, on Sunday we ventured to Sussex Day at the Weald and Downland Museum. We enjoyed big scoops of ice cream, looked round some very old houses and even stroked a couple of ginger piglets. It turns out that they're not soft and cuddly, but rather wirey and solid!
Of course, the sun only came out once we'd left the museum... typical!
Did you enjoy the weekend?


  1. Aww those ginger piglets are so cute! Sounds like a good day out :) xx


    1. They were so cute! If they weren't so big I would have been tempted to kidnap one haha xx


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