7 April 2014

Holiday Scrapbook - Brussels

I don't get to do nearly as much travelling as I would like (the expenses of living in London!), but that doesn't stop me from regularly holiday hunting online. I spotted a bargain weekend break to Brussels, mentioned it in passing to Simon and before I could say 'waffles' we'd booked it! We got the Eurostar there on Saturday morning and spent nearly two whole days there before catching the train back on Sunday evening. I love the convenience of the Eurostar, it's a much more relaxing experience than flying.
As we only had limited time in Brussels, we decided to pack in as much as we could. Of course our main priorities would be beer, waffles and frites! Simon queued for the best part of an hour to sample the best frites in Brussels and although they were worth it, we were both dismayed that we couldn't finish our enormous portions. Classic eyes bigger than belly situation!
Aside from eating and drinking, we paid a visit to the comic book museum (which is in a beautiful old department store), explored a flea market, admired Manneken Pis (and then witnessed a group of drunk women stealing his outfit), went to the largest market in Europe and spent a lot of time in the beautiful Grand Place.
Two days doesn't sound like long, but we actually managed to do everything we wanted to and more. We're so lucky to have Europe this close to us and it's lovely to take a short break every now and then (especially when you can find a really good deal!).
Have you been to Belgium? I'm eager to visit Bruges now.
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