28 February 2014

Getting Settled

I've been living in this flat with Simon for six months now and it's really starting to feel homely. When we first got the keys the rooms felt a bit sparse (despite moving in a van load of stuff), so we've been gradually making it feel more welcoming. Most recently we've put a couple of frames up on the walls which has really made a difference to the atmosphere in the rooms.
In the living room I've filled the fireplace with logs and fairy lights - unfortunately we can't use the chimney, but I love how cosy it looks in the evening anyway. We've started filling the bookcases with books in order of colour, but it's quite time consuming and we've still got a large number of books left to sort out. All the toys are Simon's, he's not willing to let them out of his sight!
The Up print was a lovely gift from one of Simon's pals. We're both big fans of Pixar so it's in pride of place at the moment. I spend most of my time in the living room and it's no coincidence that it's my favourite room of the flat.
I'm very lucky that our kitchen has plenty of storage, so I can use the shelves for display purposes. At the moment I have some of my favourite baking equipment on show as well as two coloured Kilner jars I picked up in TK Maxx last week. Simon's not a fan, but I think they're really pretty!
The bedroom is on the large side so it's hard to make it feel cosy (not that I'm complaining!). I've wanted an old steamer trunk for years and I was so chuffed when my parents bought me a brown one for my birthday in October - at the moment it sits at the end of our bed. However, the one photographed is another one. My upstairs neighbours have just moved out and they were getting rid of loads of furniture. I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this black trunk amongst their stuff and they said I could keep it. So now I have two! I'm yet to figure out where to put the black one, but I'm sure I'll find the perfect place for it.
What's your favourite part of your home?

24 February 2014

Weekend Dash

Saturday was one of those crazy days where Simon and I had a list of things to do, but we seemed incapable of doing them in any sensible order. We ended up dashing to different corners of London to get everything done. At least my oyster card feels loved!
My skin's being a nightmare at the moment so I decided to get the bareMinerals foundation in the hope that minerals won't irritate it any more (so far so good) and then we wandered round the Paperchase on Tottenham Court Road. Have you been in there? It's enormous! Obviously, tackling Oxford Street on a Saturday is exhausting so we had to stop for some lunch in a surprisingly quiet Pret. I love the pain au raisins in there, I think they must coat them in sugar or something.
The top photos are taken outside the Rosewood Hotel and Holborn Delicatessen after we had to pop to Chancery Lane to visit the Argos there (nope, life doesn't get much more glamorous than that!).
In the evening we had tickets to see Pixar in concert at the Royal Albert Hall so we got the tube to Kensington. After we picked up our tickets we had some more food with a couple of friends at Le Comptoir. I only had frozen yogurt as I was still pretty full from lunch but everyone seemed to enjoy what they had ordered. I also had a fresh lemonade that tasted a lot like what I would imagine fabric conditioner to taste like...
Going to the Royal Albert Hall is always a bit of a treat and the performance was amazing. And we got ice cream in the interval of course!
Have you been to any shows lately?

20 February 2014

Greedy Guts

Looking back at these photos, it would seem that last weekend mostly involved around food! I baked cookies on valentines day (although I might have eaten them all before Simon got the chance... shhhh! He should have acted faster.), on Saturday we went to itsu and on Sunday I went to GBK with my friend Christina.
I really want to learn to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies so these were my first attempt. I found a recipe on pinterest and they were just okay. They were tasty, but they were missing that wow factor I'm looking for. I love the M&S fresh bakery cookies and they definitely didn't match up to them. Next time I'm going to give this recipe a go.
I'd never been to itsu before Saturday which is a bit silly because I'm crazy about sushi. I really liked it and their froyo definitely satisfied my sweet tooth afterwards - who am I to turn down hot caramel sauce?! We had a browse round Fortnum and Mason afterwards and spent some time discussing what we think The Queen eats...
I can't remember the name of the burgers Christina and I went for at GBK (we got the same) but it was a lot spicier than anticipated. Fortunately I had an oreo milkshake on hand to help it go down. We had a two burgers for £10 voucher so it was really good value.
I don't have too much planned for this weekend so it should be fairly relaxed, I'm looking forward to it.
Do you have a favourite place to go eat?
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