20 February 2014

Greedy Guts

Looking back at these photos, it would seem that last weekend mostly involved around food! I baked cookies on valentines day (although I might have eaten them all before Simon got the chance... shhhh! He should have acted faster.), on Saturday we went to itsu and on Sunday I went to GBK with my friend Christina.
I really want to learn to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies so these were my first attempt. I found a recipe on pinterest and they were just okay. They were tasty, but they were missing that wow factor I'm looking for. I love the M&S fresh bakery cookies and they definitely didn't match up to them. Next time I'm going to give this recipe a go.
I'd never been to itsu before Saturday which is a bit silly because I'm crazy about sushi. I really liked it and their froyo definitely satisfied my sweet tooth afterwards - who am I to turn down hot caramel sauce?! We had a browse round Fortnum and Mason afterwards and spent some time discussing what we think The Queen eats...
I can't remember the name of the burgers Christina and I went for at GBK (we got the same) but it was a lot spicier than anticipated. Fortunately I had an oreo milkshake on hand to help it go down. We had a two burgers for £10 voucher so it was really good value.
I don't have too much planned for this weekend so it should be fairly relaxed, I'm looking forward to it.
Do you have a favourite place to go eat?


  1. Sushi is just one of the best foods ever, we have a couple of great Japanese stores with sushi bars - there's versions of sushi are to die for.

    1. I really need to explore more Japanese stores, sushi is just so tasty!

  2. This post is making me hungry! I find that a lot of my weekends tend to revolve around food as well - I love cooking or baking at home and going out for dinner.When it comes to burgers, I love Nice n Sleazys or Ketchup in Glasgow for burgers - if you're ever up here you should definitely check them out, the burgers are amazing and they're huge!


    1. Thanks! I'll make a mental note - I'm sure I'll visit Glasgow sooner or later.


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