7 June 2014

Lately #4

I've had a mini break from blogging recently and it's felt good to take some time away without worrying about taking enough photographs. I always prefer blog posts that aren't over-thought too much and I've had a relaxing few weeks!

Simon and I went to Bill's on the last Bank Holiday Monday and had a feast. I was so disappointed that I couldn't finish my meal, but that's probably what you get for ordering a large chocolate milkshake as well as a main and a starter! I'm still dreaming about those sweet potato fries.

 The previous Bank Holiday weekend we spent a day in the park with friends. It was the morning after the night before and we had an amazing lazy day, lying in the sun and eating a picnic.

One morning this guy popped into my flat for a little while. I live in a first floor flat and it's not easily accessible so I was thrilled when a cat appeared at my window! He stayed long enough to make himself comfortable - I'm a cat lover, so I loved being able to pretend I had one for a couple of hours!

I picked up these sandals in River Island last weekend. I think they're much more attractive in real life, they're hard to photograph, but they are so unbelievable comfy. Plus they eliminate the risk of me stubbing my toe (a very real concern for an accident prone person)!

What have you been up to lately?

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