1 June 2013


My sister used to live in Borough while I was in my second year at uni and we used to go into Borough Market quite a lot. It has a really feel good atmosphere and there are different smells and colours crammed into every stall.
Today I went with Simon because he hasn't been for years and we had such a good time eyeing up everything on offer before settling on a salted beef bagel for lunch. I've never tried salted beef before and I feel like I might need to make up for lost time now!
After lunch we met up with a uni friend and ate enormous slices of cake – carrot cake for Simon, red velvet for Rachel and me. It's so easy to slowly lose touch with people after graduation so it was lovely to catch up.
At some point Simon decided that he just HAD to try the raclette (potatoes and pickles smothered in melted cheese) so he managed to scoff a plate of that too. Of course I had to try a little bit for blogging purposes (by a little bit, I mean most of the cheese!) and I can confirm that it was very tasty. The things I do to help...!
Have you been to Borough Market?


  1. AnonymousJune 01, 2013

    Love this post so much! The photos are lovely, great photography! :)

    Anna xx

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    Good luck!

  2. Great post, I love these pics! (:
    Nice blog!


  3. Yum that sandwich looks delicious!!x


    1. It really was! I regretted sharing one, I wish I'd got one to myself haha xx


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