16 December 2012

I Love You Deer


Today Simon and I ventured to Bushy Park to go for a stroll and look for some deer (see what I did in the title?! Groan). When we first arrived we couldn't spot any deer anywhere and I was a bit concerned we wouldn't find any – Simon had never seen any in the wild before so we made it our mission to hunt them down. After walking around for a bit we realised there were loads of them right under our noses! They blend in with the grass so well, to the point that it was a bit tricky to take photos of them. 
It was a gorgeous day, but as I'm writing this I can hear rain splattering on my windows so I think we escaped some seriously miserable weather!
I'm feeling slightly smug now in that I've done all of my Christmas shopping and I'm looking forward to going to my mum's house next week where I'll probably be doing a lot of baking, eating and watching Christmas television. What do you look forward to the most over Christmas?


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