1 May 2013

Dresser DIY

My mum's been doing up her dresser and I thought I'd show a few pictures of how well it's turned out! When she first got the dresser she kept it the original wood colour and displayed willow pattern plates on it, but recently she decided to paint it white and change up the china.
She picked up an assortment of vintage plates and teacups from car boot sales, eBay and charity shops, and decorated with fake flowers from my sister's wedding last year. The glass jar is also left over from the wedding, Abby had loads of jars filled with flowers and paper windmills during the reception and this is the sole jar I salvaged before putting them all into the recycling bins!
Unfortunately the hallway of my mum's victorian house doesn't have the best lighting so these photos don't really do the dresser enough justice, but I think it looks really beautiful!


  1. I have a wall cupboard which had my odd matched vintage tea cups on it, matched in with my vintage compacts, sadly we don't have the run for a full dresser but hopefully one day.

    1. Sounds lovely! I hope I'll have one of my own one day too xx


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