25 April 2013

Black Sheep

Saturday was my mum's birthday and I surprised her with tickets to see Warhorse in London! She was really pleased (and so surprised!), so now we're both really looking forward to seeing the show in a couple of weeks, yay!
To celebrate her birthday, my family got together and we had lunch at a place called Belle Isle in Chichester (I had an enormous serving of mussels, really yummy). 
In the afternoon we went on a bit of a lamb hunt during our dog walk - proof that it really is finally spring! We saw quite a few, including this little black one with its white sibling. I have such a soft spot for black lambs. They were jumping back and forth through the gate, so cute! I also couldn't resist taking a photo of this fully grown sheep as she did appear to be posing for me. What a diva.
I'm so happy it's Friday tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to the weekend! Simon and I are playing with the idea of going to Thorpe Park on Sunday. He's more of a scaredy cat than I am on big rides (I love them) so it should be funny!

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