22 April 2013


Simon was looking through my blog the other day and pointed out the alarming number of times I have begun my posts with 'Simon and I headed to...' From now on I'll try to be slightly more imaginative!
At the weekend we went to Chichester to celebrate my mum's birthday which was on Sunday. On Saturday, we jumped on the train to Portsmouth as Simon had never been before. We had a little look around the historic dockyard before we went into Gunwharf Quays to do a little shopping. The weather was glorious and I found a biker jacket in H&M for the bargain price of £30 – a good day all round!

I also got the chance to wear my new t-shirt from Missguided. The positioning of the pineapples certainly didn't get my mum's approval, but they make me feel summery and that's what counts!


  1. These photo's are really lovely, and awesome pineapples! aha. xxx


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