16 April 2013


Spring has sprung! Here are a few phone snaps from Sunday when Simon and I headed to Battersea Park and later on had a little picnic in Green Park. Rather annoyingly, I seriously underestimated how breezy it was outside and spent a lot of time yanking my skirt down! Nonetheless, it was a lovely day and so nice to not have to wear a coat.
I'm going back to Chichester this weekend for my mum's birthday, I'm really hoping the sun stays out for it! Hopefully I'll be seeing my sister and my little nephew too.

P.S. Don't go to the David Bowie exhibition at the V&A on a Saturday. You'll probably become trapped in an enormous crowd and won't be able to move (but it's still very good).

P.P.S. Simon found this monster Hula Hoop on Saturday, I think it made his day!

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