13 May 2013


Sometimes my friends ask me whether Simon is bothered about featuring so heavily on my blog. Well, on Sunday whilst walking the dog with my mum, Simon shouted to me 'Quick! take loads of photos of me running down this hill, then you can make a gif!' I think it's quite safe to assume that he's probably quite fond of having his photo taken...!

Despite all the sunshine lately, I seem to take all my photos on grey days. Boo, I'll have to sort that out.
Simon found a potential first home for us (shame about the holes in the walls and ceiling) and we all got drenched in the rain. But it was all worth it in the end when we went back to my mum's for roast lamb.
On Saturday I took my mum to see Warhorse in London. It was amazing and I'd definitely recommend going to watch it if you've been considering it.

P.S. Beware of challenging a springer spaniel to a race - you'll probably lose.

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