19 September 2013


These photos are from the weekend when I was on my way to meet up with a friend. I loved getting my favourite scarf back out and I can't wait for my road to be covered in crunchy leaves (despite the trip hazard on rainy days!). I bought a new jacket from H&M, but I think I'll be returning it as I think it's too thin for what I want. I'm going to Paris in December so I want something that'll keep me as warm as possible. 
Below are a couple of photos taken around my new flat. I got the internet on Monday so I've been enjoying curling up on the sofa and enjoying Netflix!


  1. Louise you look amazing!!
    I LOVE fall and your scarf (I want one =] ) too!!
    Your coat is so beautiful! I think it suit you!
    Have fun in Paris!!

  2. You look wonderful! I love your scarf Louise! x



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