11 March 2014


Dress - Topshop
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend? I know we're well and truly into another week now, but I thought I'd share a few photos from my weekend. I dragged Simon back with me to Chichester (he's been a very busy bee with work lately) and we stayed at my mum's for a couple of days. Walking the dog in the countryside is such a nice change of pace from London sometimes. I probably didn't choose the most practical of outfits for the woods, but I had to make the most of the sunshine!
On Saturday night we went to the cinema to see The Grand Budapest Hotel. We all really enjoyed it and Simon actually wants to see it at the cinema again. I've only seen Moonrise Kingdom and Fantastic Mr Fox before, so I want to watch a few more Wes Anderson films now. If you're unsure whether to go, I would recommend watching it!


  1. You little beauty! Love the skirt xx

  2. Loving this dress, and the photos are just beautiful <3 xx

  3. love the dress! I recently picked up a plaid dress in the same style as yours and the way you paired it with the jacket and booties will come in handy! xx

  4. This dress looks so cute on you! Dog walking on a sunny day sounds like a pretty ideal weekend :)



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