8 January 2014

Holiday Scrapbook – Disneyland Paris

Happy New Year everyone! And I hope you all had a lovely Christmas too. I've been a little slack with posting of late, but Christmas was crazy busy and then I had a spot of the January blues. I've also come to the sad realisation that I'm nearly at the end of the Christmas chocolate... Tragic, I know. 
Anyway, I thought it was about time I posted the second half of my holiday snaps (you can find the first post here). As you may have guessed, we went to Disneyland Paris. I completely understand that not everyone would love the thought of a Disney holiday, but Simon and I had an amazing time. Going just two weeks before Christmas really got us into the festive spirit and it was pure escapism at its best.
Now all the excitement has passed, I can't stop daydreaming about booking another holiday – although this time I'm leaning towards sandy beaches and plenty of relaxing!
Do you have any holidays planned?


  1. Disneyland Paris looks awesome! I'd love to go and combine it with Paris sightseeing too as I've never been, but my boyfriend and Trip Advisor keep telling me it's rubbish and has gone downhill so I was put off...these photos make me want to go even more now! Great post! :) xx


    1. You should do it! I think it probably does pale in comparison to the US parks, but as I've never been to those ones it doesn't bother me one bit. Paris is a wonderful break on its own - you should entice your boyfriend with that and then just sneak in a disney day! xx p.s. trip advisor is full of lies!

  2. Oh my goodness, I am so jealous! I absolutely adore Disneyland, but I've never been at Christmas time - it looks amazing. Looking at these photos really makes me want to go back (even more than usual!)



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