23 July 2013


At the weekend I caught the train with Simon to his hometown and, bearing in mind all the amazing weather we've been having recently, some of Simon's friends organised to spend the day in the beach town of Southwold on Saturday. Of course, the sun didn't make an appearance and my very optimistic summer dress meant I was rather chilly by the end of the day!
Despite the grey clouds, we made the most of the trip and busied ourselves with a pub lunch. A few of us visited a little group of vintage stalls in beach huts and later everyone got involved in a game of cricket on the beach. Well... maybe not everyone, I've never been the best at sports.
The beach huts would have looked a lot prettier in the sun, but I took a few photos anyway (what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't?!).
Have you been to Southwold?

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