20 March 2013



Over the weekend I drank some wine, played Trivial Pursuit, enjoyed a home-cooked roast made by Simon's dad and made a extravagant purchase (hello iPad!)
But I think the best part was on the train journey to Simon's home-town when he presented me with this little Barbapapa ornament. When I was little I had one Barbapapa book that I absolutely adored, and now, whenever I see anything vaguely related to it, I'll try and force him to be interested. He just seemed to think I was a bit crazy!
So when he gave me this little figure I was chuffed. 
Does anyone else remember Barbapapa, or is it just me?


  1. Awww, I remember Barbapapa!! Brings back memories of my childhood..

    1. I'm so happy someone else remembers!


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