7 September 2012

A little bit of magic

Last November Simon and I went to Disneyland Paris and, although I know it was a while ago now, a few of my friends have been asking to see some photos so I thought I’d put them here.
We went for 3 Nights/4 Days and stayed in the Hotel Cheyenne which was themed like the wild west. It was amazing! Definitely one of the best holidays I’ve ever been on, we had such a laugh, although it definitely wasn’t a relaxing break – we went down for breakfast at 7 every morning! We just acted like big kids and loved every minute of it.
Despite attempting to only pick a few photos (we took hundreds), there still seems to be a lot here, so sorry about the photo spam!

Next week I’m heading to Boston for a couple of days with my friend Tasha YIPPEE! It’s a very last minute trip, we only decided on Tuesday, but I will write all about it when I get back. Does anyone else have any trips planned?

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