16 September 2012

A day in Boston

This week I went to Boston!

My friend Tasha currently works as cabin crew for a well-known airline, but she's leaving soon to pursue a different career path. Last week she invited me to come along with her on one of her last flights and I obviously jumped at the chance! I've never been to the USA before and I've always been desperate to go. It was a bit of a fleeting visit as we were only there for two nights, but we had a whole day to play with. We went on a duck tour, got a little bit lost and ate A LOT of sweets. Here is a little summary and some pictures from the trip!

We arrived at about half nine at night Boston time, but as my head was five hours ahead, making it half two in the morning UK time, I was pretty tired (despite travelling in first class, Tasha treated me like a princess!). We went for a drink at the bar, but instead of going for a night on the town with the rest of her colleagues we decided to hit the supermarket and get some snacks for the room like the crazy kids we are.
I couldn’t resist buying a gigantic bag of cheetos – it’s a good job I don’t live there because I would probably turn into a cheeto. I love them so much!

The next morning we went for an all American breakfast before going on a duck tour (a bus/truck type vehicle that can also turn into a boat). But first we stopped at the supermarket to stock up on sweets and diet coke.
The tour guide was slightly mad, making us quack every time she shouted ‘YEEHAA’ (she was convinced that she was a cowgirl), but it was really fun and I’m so glad we did it. Plus the man at the ticket office gave us both a discount because of Tasha’s job, yay!

After the tour we headed towards Quincy Market. Well, at least we thought we were heading towards Quincy Market  we actually managed to walk at least a mile more than we needed to! Ooops.
When we finally managed to find it we had a good look in the shops and all the food stalls. We went into a Christmas shop which was like a tardis inside, it was absolutely enormous and packed out with every type of Christmas decoration imaginable including M&M, Coca Cola and Disney decorations. I'm pretty sure it stays open all year round which is mad, but I couldn't resist getting a few pictures of the Disney ornaments!

We decided to head back to the hotel after some dinner and, this time, we managed to go in the right direction. We dropped into the supermarket (this seems to be a bit of theme to the trip!) to pick up MORE sweets, Lucky Charms and some cookie dough flavour Pop Tarts to take home before getting into bed in time for the final of America’s Got Talent. 

Sadly in the morning it was time for us to get on the flight home, but I’m so happy I went, I had such an amazing time and I can’t wait to go back again one day!


  1. oh my gosh, those dogs are adorable!!!
    It looks like you had a good time :-)

    Francesca xo

  2. such a cute picture *_* your blogis very good and interesting. follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too. keep in touch!


  3. It looks so beautiful and like you had so much fun! How did you manage in such a short time?! Did you manage to try out the 'Hot Cheetos'? I used to live in CA, and some family still do so whenever they visit us here in England they bring tons of packets! Hehe. x

    1. Ohhh I missed out on the Hot Cheetos! At least that gives me a reason to go back haha. Thanks so much for the lovely comment xx


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