10 November 2013

Lately... #2

I try to make the most of living in London as much as I can – this basically means that I spend a lot of my time behaving like an excitable tourist. Last night Simon and I joined the rest of the world (well, almost) to watch the Regent Street Christmas lights switch on. Except we might have got a little fed up with waiting and got distracted by the Christmas section in Liberty's. Oopsy.
In my defence, by the time we got to Regent Street it was so busy that we couldn't even get close. Plus it was COLD! I was choosing candles in Muji by the time the fireworks went off and I regret nothing, my flat now smells lovely! Of course we did make our way back to check out the lights when we were done. They look really beautiful, well worth a visit if you're popping to London over Christmas.
We also had a quick peek at Fortnum and Mason on our way to Regent Street. They have really lovely window displays, it definitely feels like Christmas has officially started in London! Okay, I'll stop with the Christmas overload now (for this post anyway).

Now that the chill has started to set in, I've really been enjoying snuggling up inside with homemade chai lattes, a magazine and these lebkuchen stars from Sainbury's. I pretty much jump for joy when these little biscuits (or are they cakes?) appear every Christmas, I adore them. I might already be on my second packet, shhh.

When I was visiting home recently, I was walking the dog with my mum and thought the woods were looking particularly eerie. They're beautiful, but they can definitely feel a bit creepy at times! I also spotted this rainbow during a downpour, although I didn't have time to find the pot of gold at the end.
What have you been up to lately?

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