20 February 2013

Spring Promises

Sunday was a really lovely, sunny day in London and it definitely called for making the most of it. Simon left to do some work experience in Italy yesterday (like the jet-setter he is!) and he had a few last minute things to pick up on Oxford Street, so after that we headed to South Bank. There was a lot going on, including this man below who was singing with his electric guitar right down on the bank. We also saw another man playing a tuba with fire coming out of it – he'd drawn in quite the crowd too, I'm not sure anyone really knew what was going on!
After a quick stop at Caffe Nero and the Tate Modern shop, we set off in pursuit of a Boots, forgetting that nearly everything in the City shuts at the weekend. We walked past three shuttered Boots before we finally came across an open Superdrug in Holborn, success! We spent a little while in Covent Garden (I love it there) before walking into China Town. I was definitely not wearing sensible enough shoes for all this action, and my feet were suffering towards the end of the day! 
Anyway, here are a few photos I took along the way. The sunshine has made me excited about approaching spring – I'm looking forward to spending more time outside without constantly shivering from the cold! 


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