19 January 2013

Fresh as Snow


This week has been pretty magical, and not just because of the snow. On Wednesday, my sister Abby gave birth to a healthy baby boy and I became an aunty! Despite a nine year age gap, Abby and I are really close, and I felt really emotional when I heard the good news. 
Up until today I had only seen photographs of baby Vince, so I was really excited to jump in the car this afternoon to go and see him in the flesh. He's absolutely gorgeous and I was thrilled to be able to hold him. Of course, Simon and I couldn't resist buying him a few little presents, including this Simba rattle and some cute frog socks. The flowers and the Tunnock's Teacakes were for Abby – during her pregnancy she had gestational diabetes, so now she can finally make the most of being able to eat whatever she likes again.
Yesterday I had intended on going into town as I only had to work in the morning, but the snow put me off those plans completely! It was snowing quite heavily all day and, after a brief attempt at going to play in the park, I settled inside instead with an enormous mug of hot chocolate.
Have you been enjoying the snow?

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