10 November 2012

Winter Wish List #1 Accessorize Favourites

I stumbled across the Accessorize website yesterday and I really had to restrain myself from making an order (especially as they are offering free delivery at the moment!) But I was very sensible and settled with compiling a wishlist instead – cue my bank balance heaving a sigh of relief! In my dream world I would have the whole shop in my house, but here are a few of my favourite items.

1. Flock Dock Leather Glove, £22 – My hands get very dry during the winter months and I would love a pair of leather gloves to keep them as snug as possible when I'm braving the frosty air. Plus I'm a real sucker for polka dots.
2. Pearly Rose Stud Earrings, £4 – I used to love my massive statement earrings, but now I'm much more content with a pair of delicate studs.
3. Tomasina Cat Ballerina, £26 – I've seen these cat style shoes on a few different blogs recently and they're so cute! I'm not really a heels girl so I would love to get my hands on these for evenings out.
4. Aztec Illusion Nail Polish, £4 – I've been slowly building up my nail polish collection and I think this is a pretty wintery colour.
5. Emerald Jewel Long Pendant, £8 – This is such a stunning colour and would be perfect to dress up an outfit over the party season.
6. Fox Phone Sock, £4 –When I first got my phone I was sooo careful with it but I'm a little ashamed to say that my clumsiness has got the better of me and it has been dropped on more than once occasion. This foxy phone sock would be brilliant to help cushion any unfortunate falls and protect it from scratches. 
7. Doctor Sarah Stag Bag, £45 – This bag was the main reason I ventured across to the Accessorize website in the first place. I found it on Little Bear Found's blog and I just think it's gorgeous. I have a feeling that this might be number 1 on my Christmas list!
8. Chunky Cable Fur Trim Beanie, £15 – I've bought two new scarves this year and they both have bold patterns on them, so I'm eyeing up this (relatively) plain hat so I could wear it with both of them.


  1. oh yes...i'd have a bazillion shops in my house in my dreamworld too! lovely blog, and thanks for following me :) i'm now also following you! btw, louise is the best name ever ;)

    1. Thank you so much :) And yes, Louise IS the best name ever haha xx

  2. amazing isnt it! i tried to track it down for such a long time, they do a matching purse too! xxx

    1. I really love it! I'm trying not to give in and buy it, but it's just a matter of time really haha xx


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