23 July 2012

A trip to the circus

Here are a few quick snaps from my weekend. My boyfriend Simon is from Felixstowe, Suffolk, and we’ve spent the last two weekends visiting his family and friends. 
This time we went to the Moscow State Circus which was sooo cool. I can’t get over how difficult all those acts must be to learn and perform, I swear they must have more strength in one finger than I do in my entire body!
We also went out in Ipswich on the Saturday and I woke up the next day with the world’s worst hangover. Obviously, I spent the day vowing to never drink ever again. Ever.
Thankfully I perked up after a home-cooked Sunday roast and a 99 on the beach so I could brave the trip through London home!

I've taken a shine to instagram and I'm having to stop myself from becoming too snap happy! My username is louiseroseclarke.

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